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Video: Hamilton Beach (HBH750) - 48 oz Comercial Blender

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Hamilton Beach (HBH750) - 48 oz Comercial Blender

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No food-serving facility that makes mixed drinks should be without a proper blender. This basic and simple appliance is responsible for more food and drink creations than most other tools in a kitchen. The 48 oz Commercial Blender (HBH750) by Hamilton Beach Commercial is an ideal blender option to use, especially for commercial grade demands and needs. With easy-to-use control buttons, a durable engine designed for quick starts and stops, and a blending tool that won't dull for years, this commercial blender is one of the critical units every kitchen or bar should have readily available. Trying to prepare drinks or foods without a good blender on hand is just a recipe for problems, as well as potential hand injuries.

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